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"A quarter of high schools with the highest percentage of black and Latino students do not offer Algebra II; a third of these schools do not offer chemistry. Fewer than half of American Indian and Native-Alaskan high school students have access to the full range of math and science courses in their high school"
College in Context: Racial Inequality in America’s Public High Schools | United 4 Social Change  (via reverseracism)

And if Michael Brown was not angelic, I was practically demonic. I had my first drink when I was 11. I once brawled in the cafeteria after getting hit in the head with a steel trash can. In my junior year I failed five out of seven classes. By the time I graduated from high school, I had been arrested for assaulting a teacher and been kicked out of school (twice.) And yet no one who knew me thought I had the least bit of thug in me. That is because I also read a lot of books, loved my Commodore 64, and ghostwrote love notes for my friends. In other words, I was a human being. A large number of American teenagers live exactly like Michael Brown. Very few of them are shot in the head and left to bake on the pavement.

The “angelic” standard was not one created by the reporter. It was created by a society that cannot face itself, and thus must employ a dubious “morality” to hide its sins. It is reinforced by people who have embraced the notion of “twice as good” while avoiding the circumstances which gave that notion birth. Consider how easily living in a community “with rough patches” becomes part of a list of ostensible sins. Consider how easily “black-on-black crime” becomes not a marker of a shameful legacy of segregation but a moral failing.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, being amazing. (via politicalprof)

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"Men do communicate, often very directly, but women sometimes cannot accept how simple what we have to say is."

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Truth. Women look for meaning in everything, and sometimes it simply is what it is…no hidden meanings.

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"I think about how much I’d rather be free than here, but I do not resent the calamities that have arrived or the disasters that may occur. For perhaps in these unpleasant instances, something which I do not like my be my salvation and in something that I do prefer may be my doom. There’s a blessing behind this all. One that a wise man like myself will not ignore. For I have been giving the opportunity to attain the reward for patience."
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